Mag. Alexander Hauser e.U. launches web page and Market Communication activities

Edlach a.d. Rax, 1.12.2015. The web page of Mag. Alexander Hauser e.U. is now online. The company which has been founded in 2014 additionally operates from its Vienna office providing energetic therapies and Pilates Training, as well as from its location at Rax Bräu Gerhofer in Payerbach/Lower Austria operating restaurant and event location at the local brewery. Besides providing energetic therapies and Pilates Training the company is also engaged in organic food performing respective events. Moreover in the future it is foreseen to grow fresh vegetables and fruits at its location at Kronichhof in Edlach.


Regina & Alexander Hauser


The company strongly collaborates with professional partners such as Demuth Business Partner regarding localised market communication LMC and its suppliers in the field of Food & Beverages such as W2 Trading, which provides organic spices. Thus Mr. Hauser uses organic saffron when cooking at Rax Bräu for instance.


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The company will do soft launching of its location at Rax Bräu on 4.12.2015 performing an opening event.