We provide products and services especially in the field of energetics and body training. Thus we provide the following products and services:


Frequency therapies & coaching

Frequency therapies have been invented at the beginning of the 20th century using micro current electricity to transfer information into the human body in order to balance body cells. Over the decades more and more frequencies for a wide range of indications were detected and have been applied very successfully.


Information field therapies & coaching

Information field therapy combines ancient knowledge with the quantum physical findings of the late 19th and 20th century. With new technical devices it became possible not only to analyse and read the condition of persons and objects, but also to send information which increases the energetic level of the subject to therapy.



The aim of our PILATES training is to strengthen especially the postural muscles for an easy-going life. After evaluation of the physical fitness and respective injuries of the client, we design a tailor made training programme. The duration of a training session is 60 minutes, whereas a programme of 2 to 3 sessions per week is recommended.

Prices Therapies


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1st consultation EUR 150.— per session
Follow up consultations EUR 100,– per session
For long term therapies special packages are on request
All prices are including Austrian VAT. The duration of a session is between 60 minutes and 90 minutes. The duration of the first consultation is approximately 120 minutes. The consultation takes place either at the seat of the company or at the Vienna office.
Per month EUR 49.—
Per year EUR 490.—All prices are including Austrian VAT

Groupsessions (max 5 participants)
Single session EUR 16,– per person
10 sessions EUR 135,– per person

Individual training
Single session EUR 52,– per person
Single 5 sessions EUR 250,– per person
Single 10 sessions EUR 485,– per person
Duo session EUR 35,– per person
Duo 5 sessions EUR 150,– per person
Duo 10 sessions EUR 285,– per person

All prices include Austrian VAT. The consultation takes place either at the seat of the company, at the Vienna office or at Client’s premises.